A home filled with art in Moscow

Posted on Sun, 3 Dec 2017 by KiM

This fabulously eclectic newly-built home filled with art is located in Moscow and was designed by Anna Erman. (Note: there are a couple of dead animals pictured for those who take offence). Lots of quirky art pieces are displayed throughout the home but my favourites are the chandeliers over the dining table (by Winnie Louis). Nothing floats my boat more than statement lighting! The lighting over the pool is also fabulous I must point out. Via Architectural Digest Russia, photos by Stephen Jouillard.

LoulouLaval says:

Cold. Aseptic. Museum. Good thing I do not have to live there…. but, heh, to each its own tastes.

anon says:

Would not want to sit on Woody Allen's face (pillow), but maybe that's just me.

Claire says:

Really beautiful! A specific style. I can live in that house with just few changes to be more pratical.

ombia says:

Like a Museum.

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