Sydney sandstone

Posted on Mon, 4 Dec 2017 by midcenturyjo

Ease and elegance, sophistication and stylish simplicity. The hero of the landscape design is the sandstone, walls, steps, pavers, referencing the outcrops of this golden stone seen throughout the Sydney area. Central to all is the pool, a cool oasis in the inner city. Classical gives way to overgrown jungle as you climb the stairs to the upper level. Darling Point by William Dangar.

Photography by Prue Ruscoe

anoise says:

Beatiful space!

Linda says:

Absolutely gorgeous! Curious as to where rain runs off the back patio.

xavier says:

Beautiful home

midcenturyjo says:

I'm assuming that there are French drains (ag drains) around the perimeter under the stones Linda and that the sandstone pavers are angled towards them not the house. Still I would be worried in a torrential downpour ;P

Marie says:

Gorgeous! Has been in my saved file for months. Recently sold to David Walsh (mathematician , gambler and founder of MONA in Hobart) so I'm guessing the interior is even better now 😉

Marieke says:


Eduardo says:


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