Stalking a dream

Posted on Fri, 8 Dec 2017 by midcenturyjo

I was stalking in the Melbourne recently when I can upon two apartments for sale. The building, the gardens, so beautiful. What a dream… and they are. You see I’m stalking computer generated renderings. Very good renderings I might add.

“Envisioned by architectural developer Orchard Piper, Huntingtower Road offers beautifully proportioned homes in the heart of Armadale. In collaboration with esteemed architects Jolson and landscape architects Myles Baldwin Design, this rare property comprises ten finely detailed homes immersed in greenery.”

Sigh. Now if only they look as good after they are built and sold (don’t choke on the price) and the new owners move in with their own pieces of furniture. For now though I can dream. For sale here and here while they last.

Styling by Tamsin Johnson

Kris says:

This is definitely a place I would like to retire to but I'm a little disappointed that they haven't offered to photograph bedrooms. I like a great sanctuary and while the bath with the wall to ceiling window are a draw card I feel that showing off a bedroom is something that definitely makes people take a second look. Its the entire space that captures the imagination. I think I'll pass on this one and wait for another that shows ALL the rooms in the house.

I have been stalking these images too, love the design :).

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