The Beijing home of an art collector

Posted on Sun, 10 Dec 2017 by KiM

When home and art live in beautiful harmony together. This is the Beijing home of art collector Tian Jun. I love that is is filled with super comfy furniture and is totally liveable. A bit of a contrast to the last art collector’s home I featured. Via Architectural Digest China, photos by Manolo Yllera.

xavier says:

Some interesting pieces

Annie says:

This is stunning – incredible art collection but still a very liveable space.

Jared Hayden says:

Insanely fabulous. It will take me a week to stop obsessively scrolling through these pictures.

Lesley says:

Bog Standard place which is the background to all their art pieces.

Lorraine says:

Not for me. Sorry, just because someone is an "artist" doesn't mean they can do no wrong. This place is pretty much all wrong, in my eyes; it's depressing

wwaxwork says:

Love the house & furniture. Love the modern pieces. Any piece that looks like an antiquity makes me ethically nervous in private hands, but at least they didn't shove them in a safe somewhere. Not sure about the sea urchin on the kitchen counter. . .at least I home it's a sculpture of a sea urchin and I would totally steal those chickens in a heart beat.

itsme says:

I love this so much! I think the neutrals and the quirky art, (some of it a little freaky) makes this home so interesting!!!

ALAIN says:

Magnifique ! Tout est sélectionné avec goût.
Le traditionnel côtoie le contemporain avec beaucoup de talent ! et chaleureux en plus!

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