A kitchen with soul by Arciform

Posted on Thu, 14 Dec 2017 by midcenturyjo

Snow Blackwood calls Linda Schmidt the “cat lady”, although she is quick to point out she doesn’t mean “loud wallpaper and leaky roof” crazy cat lady. “This cat lady has a restrained color palette and refined taste for antiques mixed with a traditional-modern style.” When Snow shared Linda’s kitchen by Anne De Wolf of Portland, Orgeon based Arciform I had a visceral reaction. I loved it. This wan’t a trophy kitchen, a status proclaiming, bells and whistles, keeping up with the Jones kitchen. No this was a kitchen for cooking, cats and comfort. It’s easy to see the the relationship between designer and client, the understanding, the friendship. This is a room with soul… and style and sophitication. That goes without saying ­čśë

Photography by Christopher Dibble

b says:

I would recommend honeing a marble, carrara or calcutta or any light colors for kitchen use.

The polish absorbs the acids from wine and citrus, etc, if not cleaned right away.

Don't let it sit.

ombia says:

That kind of rug in a kitchen??? I guess they have then another kichen for cooking.

Linda says:

I'm laughing about the comment regarding the rug in the kitchen. How photos can deceive!
It's actually a cowhide that I purchased for under $100 8 years ago. The hide was a " byproduct" and the cow was not killed for the hide. What's amazing about it is that my three cats can do anything to it, including vomit, poop, or pee on it and it all comes out with a little dish soap (I like Dawn), water, and sponge. Gross, I admit. But I love my pets. Truly, it's the perfect carpet for a kitchen because it is indestructible.

Jan says:

This is amazing work. It's quite hard to deliver functionality and inspiration and this is absolutely it! NOTHING TROPHY ABOUT IT. They clearly have vision, spent thoughtful time about the purpose of the project, and on each element and having worked with Arciform, the budget mgmt. Arciform continues to shine. Given Linda's baking skills, this kitchen is absolutely being used – cowehide rug and all – to the max. And I never tire of seeing great women being celebrated for their work! Well done Ladies!

Connie says:

My family and I come and descend upon Linda each summer. We use and abuse the kitchen! Our family of 7 has found that the architectural elements and sophistication speak to Linda's eye for beauty while the cabinetry and countertops speak to her desire for function. Once invited into this space, and home, you are made to feel welcome and that's what life is about. Sharing what you have with the people you love!

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