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Posted on Sun, 21 Jan 2018 by KiM

I think having some bold, statement art in a home is as essential as having walls and a ceiling. This home in Madrid I found via Nuevo Estilo filled with really beautiful art is totally inspiring. I have a hard time finding art that really speaks to me but it is worth taking your time to find. On that note, I am super excited to reveal my dining room redo as soon as its done, particularly because of the art grouping I have planned (it took me almost a year to make or find the 4 pieces). 

Photos: Pablo Sarabia

Anke says:

Ah yeah, lovely, loads of fur, just as you might need in Mongolia, Alaska, the Himalayans in winter – or Madrid! And a leopard skin, seriously?! That's unforgivable. – What a pity, it would otherwise look really good in there…

Annie says:

Hopefully the furs are faux – still blick though. The rest is great!!.

Katie says:

Furs and skins. Abhorrent. Shocking cruelty.

axie says:

I think those two skins are showing up in various places and photos- they must be very proud of them 🙂
Can't wait to see what you've done in your dining room KiM!

Melissa says:

You forget they the Spanish have bull-fighting as entertainment. They didn't kill the animal so if it's dead why not have it as decor. What are you all doing about stopping hunting of elephant tusks and rhinoceros tusks orangutang kidnapping and exporting as pets. ?? and plastic shopping bags and the list goes on. I hate animal cruelty too doesn't stop me from appreciating interior design.
Appreciate decor for decor and get off your high horse.

b says:

This is not animal cruelty. I have seen animal cruelty firsthand and this is not it.

These are photos of a rhythmic, textural, dynamic interior, and unself-concious interior.

To those who object, take a Spanish flamenco dance class and you will know what "brutal" is.

For God's sake, Kim, bring back Chair Porn.

Enough of PC idiots.

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