Posted on Fri, 16 Mar 2018 by KiM

Some Parisian fabulousness from architecture duo Gaëlle Cuisy and Karine Martin of GplusK. When space is at a premium, these ladies know just what to do, and with a modern aesthetic and a dash of colour.

Antionette Lombard says:

Less is more with just a wee bit “more” – books, art, flowers. Love it!

ombia says:

Now this is an interesting use of a small space.

Els says:

This duo appears almost every week in the French home and interiour design TV show “La Maison France 5”, where they solve a design challenge of one viewer. It covers which is the part of the home that the client wants to transform, what they want from the new space, the thought process of the architects, before and after of the space. I have enjoyed seeing the transformations of some of the spaces presented here on the show. It is mixed in with the rest of the program, so to see all the process from start to finish you would need to watch the whole episode. As the projects are mostly in Paris, one gets lot of good ideas how to use the space at maximum and have a space that can be transformed or fulfill several purpouses.

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