The New Old

Posted on Wed, 2 May 2018 by midcenturyjo

Simone Haag “likes to think of a house as a blank page, an empty book – boundless, full of possibilities – a story wanting to be written, a tale waiting to be told.” In the case of this Melbourne house she has penned a best seller. It’s a collaboration between stylish fashion director client and designer, the end result being a sensationally chic and fashion forward house. That living room sends shivers up and down my spine and did you notice the gradation in the dining chairs? Sigh!

Photography by Mark Roper

Blanders says:

It’s amusing that Kate Moss’ book has its own trolley that allows it to get from its home in the living room (pic 3) to the hallway (pic 2), the dining room (pic 6), and anywhere else it needs to go.

One thing I will say about this house; you’ll never need to search for a vase. Books; that’s a different issue. Especially if they’ve scarpered on the trolley.

B says:

Would like to see more night shots.
I know they are rare.
How does that dining lighting fixture look at night? A hot spot in the living room?
How even or uneven is the lighting which can make or break an interior.
Some look great but the function is to light ambient, wall, task.

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