My new linen bedding

Posted on Fri, 11 May 2018 by KiM

The lovely folks at Magic Linen must have sensed that my duvet cover was driving me insane (who doesn’t put a closure on their duvet cover?!) and that I absolutely adore linen. They are based in Lithuania and kindly let me choose a duvet cover and pillow cases for my bedroom. When they arrived I squealed in delight. I chose the woodrose colour and it is the perfect shade of dusty rose (and to note that they have every size duvet imaginable). I was a bit nervous about how it would look with my very strange wall colour (Farrow & Ball’s Mouse’s Back) but I was thankful that it they are both fairly “earthy” so they seem to jive together. And lawd half mursey their linen is TO DIE FOR. This might just be my favourite linen out there. It has a fairly thick weave, and is incredibly soft thanks to their stone-washing technique. I had to wait a few days before putting it on the bed because I didn’t have time to take photos when they arrived and of course cat fur is abundant in my bedroom so once I was finally able to it turned out I wasn’t the only one in love with the new linens. Mimin and Lucky wasted no time getting into my shots and a few minutes later, passing out. A huge thank you Magic Linen for adding some luxury to my bedroom. (Also on that note: their price point for this quality cannot be beat). I added a couple of photos at the end of my gallery wall opposite the bed that I recently rearranged.

Carolyn Smith says:

Kim: Where did you get that area rug ?????????????

KiM says:

it’s from

Axie says:

ooooh linen! I’ll have to check them out!
ps- I love your very strange wall color- I am overboard with paint colors lately, and this is exactly what I was looking for for a bathroom!

Christa says:

I’ve been coveting Magic Linen bedding for ages, and just couldn’t wrap my head around the price tag while I still have periods and we still have kids at home who sometimes wreck stuff. I bought H&M washed linen bedding when they had a 40% off code, and they have been a fantastic lower budget option! Very comfortable and great colours. My king duvet cover with 2 pillow cases, fitted sheet, and an extra two king pillow cases came to $145 Canadian before tax. One day I’d love to invest in the same items from Magic Linen, for $600+, though. Maybe after I’ve gone through menopause, and the kids have left home!

Annelies says:

You are one lucky girl! I’ve been dreaming of linen sheets for so long, but the price tag is always a bit too steep for me. If these sheets are as soft as they are beautiful, oh my!
Sweet dreams!

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