An industrial loft in a converted factory

Posted on Sun, 10 Jun 2018 by KiM

Keeping my industrial loft obsession going strong is this absolutely incredible apartment on the top floor of a converted factory in the British town of Loughborough. I’m not sure what I’m dying over most – the exposed brick, the ceiling trestles, the collection of Togo sofas, the massive antique crystal chandeliers, allllllll those windows, the view, the copper bathtub, the marble sink…… OMG!!! Available as a location space via Shoot Factory.

Kohl says:

This home is amazing

Gabi says:

Wow! That’s my dream home! Love the rough vibe and the open space. Thanks!

Anke says:

What you would be dying over most might be the heating costs after the first winter in there…

The exposed bricks make it look really industrial and masculine and the furniture fabrics make it half contemporary! I’m loving the combo 🙂

Lorraine says:

Pretty cool, but I like the outdoor space the best. 🙂

Sys says:

I love lofts, because there possible to shoot vlogs and photo shoots!

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