A spacious London loft

Posted on Mon, 16 Jul 2018 by KiM

This incredible and spacious loft in Camden Town, London makes my modest sized home look like a miniature doll house. What a dream to have all of this square footage to play with! Interior architect and designer Marianne Tiegen created magic here and was very smart in her choices – the biggest rug I’ve ever seen anchoring the bulkiest sectional sofas ever with the largest bookshelves I’ve ever seen in a residential application…

Anke says:

The rug really ties the room together.

ombiaombia says:

Oh they can make Epic parties in there!

Shelley says:

There are times when what you post leaves me speechless and this is one of those times. That home is unreal. Beautiful.

Funny thing is the dog seems underwhelmed, lol. Single thing which can be recreated in an average home is bed with all white linens. Love it.

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