How to add depth to make any room look bigger

Posted on Tue, 4 Sep 2018 by midcenturyjo

Trying to find and create more space in any home can be tricky. Even more so if you live in an apartment and have little to play with in the first place.

Fortunately the experts at have produced a clever guide to getting the most out of your space and bending the rules so that even if you can’t create more space – it will look like you have!

Every room is different so they have come up with some unique tweaks that will work best in these specific places:

Living Spaces

When it comes to increasing space, plants are an afterthought if even considered at all. Hold on a second – they not only bring oxygen into a room and add colour, they can create depth and dimension depending on the décor and design.

Nobody expects plants to adorn a small living space so if plants are present, it can’t be a small space can it?

A quick and easy solution if you are a renter and can’t make or afford any structural or colour changes to your environment.

Outdoor and Balconies

Anybody can add decorative touches like lighting and flowers but what about adapting to the available space?

A simple idea is to use lower furniture, especially on a balcony. Rustic, rattan chairs or loungers or a bistro set of hardy resilient but charming chairs and tables are the perfect place to see the sun go down in those long summer evenings.


There is a lot of space to be had in bedrooms if you know where to look. Specifically using the space that is usually hanging around above the bed!

By raising the bed, you suddenly free up areas that can be used to store clothes, shoes, toys, consoles etc. If you can raise the bed high enough you could even create enough room for desk space and a mini-office.

Offices and Hallways

Talking of offices, while you may not be able to replicate an open-plan design, you can maximise your own space to have a functional modern workspace within your home.

Utilising existing areas that would appear to be useless space at first glance is a great idea; what might be too small for a printer or router could be ideal for stationary or books. Some basic joinery and carpentry et voila – a quirky shelf space any hipster would be proud to put their books in – if they still read them.


Traditionally the smallest room of any property, sometimes space cannot be increased so other solutions must be found from necessity.

Changing the colour and materials within a bathroom can create a light and airy feel and the illusion of a greater area. Alternatively by utilising luxury materials such as polished marble a bathroom will attain a spa or hotel quality that means space is readily sacrificed for the quality of the ambience experienced.

Kitchen and Dining Areas

A smaller kitchen or combined food preparation and eating area can be a challenge to keep clear and clutter free so the ingenuity of the spacial engineers at really stands out.

Cutting surfaces, drawers and tables can foldout and be stored snugly when not in use so any aspiring chef can have all their materials and surfaces within easy reach when they need them, and they can literally disappear when they don’t.

Also taking a pragmatic view to storage in a kitchen can yield amazing results. Why use up floor space with a wine rack when one can be suspended from the ceiling with a minimum of fuss, also creating a Mediterranean style focus?

You’ll be toasting your increased dining area in no time!

This post was contributed by a guest writer.

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