Seattle home refreshed

Posted on Wed, 5 Sep 2018 by midcenturyjo

The client wanted a whole home refresh without doing a major remodel. The team at Heidi Caillier Design redesigned the house with new furnishings, wall coverings, carpet and paint. The mix of old and new, the play of pattern and colour, the layering of textures and materials all create a home that is comfortable and livable, beautiful and curated. I don’t know what I love more, the many discreet sitting areas or the richly layered bedrooms.

Betty says:

I notice that none of those gorgeous floor lamps have cables – are they battery operated I wonder – because that would be great, I do hate trailing cables

Evelyn says:

Oddly, decorators/stylists/photographers hide the cables for floor and table lamps, as well as electronic devices. They can’t hide them on some wall or ceiling lamps, so they are there in all their ugly glory. It seems inconsistent to me. Show them all, I say.

I love a lot of the furniture choices and colorways in this home. It looks like you can live in it with ease. Not too fussy or overdone.

Susan Maclean says:

What a pity there were no before pics, as this just looks like, well pics of a home. I wanted to see the changes you made!

Marco says:

Does anyone know what color paint is in the room with the green chaise lounge? It looks like a warm white?

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