Urban oasis

Posted on Tue, 11 Sep 2018 by midcenturyjo


“This residential project is designed to encourage communal use of the family home & garden, cultivating family togetherness. Sliding doors connect spaces, shutters transform traditional interior spaces into classic sunrooms, and nature is used as a guiding element throughout. The site’s western aspect determined the inclusion of windows to span the complete eastern & northern sides of the lower and upper levels to maximise natural light throughout the home. Horizontal shutters provide privacy and the element comfort during in the warmer months.”

We strive for seamless indoor/outdoor living here in Australia. The idea of the garden being yet another room of the house or of expanding the confines of a room out through windows and doors into the cool green beyond is almost aspirational, definitely inspirational. If only we all had an urban oasis just like the Derby House by Sydney-based Akin Atelier … and the climate to make it worthwhile.

Hello, great transformation, love your large scale planters and earthy feel, have been wanting to fill my gaps between the crazy pavers for some time, I’m guessing this is a plant that suits a warmer climate, what is it? I’m in the U.K and think perhaps a moss would be better, you’ve just reminded me how good it looks and inspired me to crack on and get it done!

Henriette Valvini says:

You can grow leptinella , it even grows in denmark.

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