A designer’s home in a Swiss castle

Posted on Mon, 19 Nov 2018 by KiM

I know I am not the only one who dreams of living in a castle (France perhaps?), and I recently discovered a designer who is living my dream. Jorge Canete lives in a Swiss castle built in 1725 called le château de Saint Saphorin sur Morges and it truly is a vision from my dreams. Given its appearance inside, I would say it is something Jorge dreamt of and was able to bring to life. Books float in mid-air, a pendant light mimics a cloud, keys dangle from a crystal chandelier, pages torn from books flutter against walls….it is only missing a princess. (Photos from Jorge’s website and this feature in Côté Maison with photos by Jean-Marc Palisse)

(for more of Jorge’s work I featured this project last month in case you missed it)

Moyra says:

Thank you for sharing this wonderful place. I find Everything about it is beautiful and inspiring.

sibille says:

Oops, got something wrong with the year (1975) there. The Château de Saint-Saphorin-sur -Morges has been around for a bit longer as it was actually built in the 17th century. Love your blog, though! :-))

KiM says:

EEEKKK I mistyped! Thx!

Rainy says:

Clouds? He should try again. Pages on the walls? Yikes. The hanging keys are cool though. This comes under the category, ‘to each their own’, eh?!! 😉

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