House of Grey

Posted on Wed, 28 Nov 2018 by midcenturyjo

It may seem a little sparsely curated, perhaps a little spartan chic but the home of designer and stylist Louisa Grey of House of Grey is, after all, a location house. What appears stark in one photo is magically transformed into swoon worthy rooms full of swoon worthy product for exhibitions and photo shoots. In the Neighbourhood – The Grey House was an exhibition of works by designers such as Frama, Mass Productions, Nest Design, Henry Wilson and Tycjan Knut just this last September. (Can we just take a moment to drink in the beauty of those custom curtains by Nest Design.) A stunning simple house home to a woman with a great eye.

Photography of the exhibition by Rory Gardiner

atma says:

yeah, I don’t always get the attraction of the super simple, but this one? Glorious!

axie says:

The living room is art

Carmen says:

Yeah, I’m a total maximalist and love color and pattern and texture, but I could absolutely live in this gorgeous 80’s style home and feel right at home…the graphic, geometric shapes and Memphis style interior provide wonderful interest and really animates the space, keeping it from far from what I would normally think was boring! 💞

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