Spreading some Christmas cheer

Posted on Sun, 23 Dec 2018 by KiM

Photo: Wild at Heart

Jo and I don’t really decorate for Christmas because neither of us hosts any gatherings nor do we have children. Given our lack of Christmas spirit I thought I would share some holiday decorating with you all as Christmas is only a couple of days away. I scoured some sites and Living Etc. had a selection of festive photos I could not resist. Enjoy! And happy holidays!

Photo: Wild at Heart

Photo: Simon Bevan Styling: Lucy Gough
Photo: Simon Bevan Styling: Lucy Gough
Photo: Simon Bevan Styling: Lucy Gough

Photo: Simon Bevan Styling: Lucy Gough
Photo: Oliver Perrott Styling: Lucy Gough
Photo: Simon Bevan Styling: Marianne Cotterill
Photo: Simon Bevan Styling: Marianne Cotterill
Photo: Simon Bevan Styling: Sophie Brown
Photo: Mel Yates Styling: Marianne Cotterill

Lorraine says:

Well that settles it… I’m having bright pink front door on my next house! 🙂

Anke says:

Yes, that settles it indeed… now I have to get outside tomorrow morning to get loads of green stuff and DO some Christmas decoration after all!

axie says:

I love the holidays, all of them, any denomination- a wonderful excuse to warm up the house. Winter here is dark and usually dreary weather, so I love to put up a tree with lights, throw some sentimental (or just fun) crap on it and just enjoy the ho ho ho. I absolutely hate the commercialization, crowds, and trendiness that has become the holiday season, so I do my own thing. It usually is a just a good excuse to spend time with friends, great food and conversation- there just happens to be a big lit tree in the background 🙂

Then, as a minimalist, when it all comes down, I have a rush of ahhhh! Back to normal!

So Happy Christmahanakwanzika Jo and Kim! Thanks for all you do here- peace and love to all

KiM says:

Happy holidays to you Axie!! XOXO

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