Kim’s favourite dining rooms 2018 – part 2

Posted on Sat, 5 Jan 2019 by KiM

Henrietta Southam from this post

Henrietta Southam from this post

J.Latter Design from this post

Ken Fulk from this post

Anna Burke Interiors from this post

Matthew Caughy from this post

Reath Design from this post

Scout Modern from this post

Shalini Misra from this post

Toronto Interior Design Group from this post

Véronique Cotrel from this post

Véronique Cotrel from this post

Giancarlo Valle from this post

 Jennifer Vaughn Miller from this post

Saavedra Design Studio from this post

Glamour Nest from this post

Crowell & Co. from this post

b says:

Too..Much…Drama…that becomes oppressive. Some of these rooms are ruined.

Giancarlo undestands the proper context.

b says:

But still not enough Yankee practicality with Giancarlo. It’s still missing.

What is context in relation to interior design? Do some of these pictures relate at all to culture, sustainability, can they be re-imagined easily in any other setting? Is it enduring? You see the same thing over and over again in any part of the world?
In any setting, in any architecture, no matter if Napolean the Third or the High Sierras, the same? Context is the most important part of architecture and therefore interior. It’s not so much the choices selected, don’t take offense, it’s just something worthy of thinking about and reflective of the authenticity of interior design as a whole and where the industry is going.

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