Kim’s favourite closets/dressing rooms 2018

Posted on Wed, 9 Jan 2019 by KiM

Dennis Severs’ house from this post

Gisbert Pöppler from this post

Sawyer | Berson from this post

Studio Karhard + TWArchitecten from this post

Kirsten Maltas from this post

Cara Woodhouse from this post

Anna Burke Interiors from this post

 Pufik from this post

Ramy Boutros from this post

Ashli Mizell from this post

 Shalini Misra from this post

Jessica Gersten from this post

Studio Giancarlo Valle from this post

Park City Design + Build from this post

Véronique Cotrel from this post

Ken Fulk from this post

Becky Shea from this post

ALL & NXTHING from this post

Finn from this post

axie says:

Thanks for all the favorites you guys! Many were my favs too, and some I’d forgotten- in fact I’m still going through each one! It’s been the perfect weather to browse the day away (as much as work will allow that is :))

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