Sunday restaurant style at Pink Mamma

Posted on Sun, 20 Jan 2019 by KiM

Oh, how I wish I could spend my Sunday in Paris’ Pigalle neighbourhood, enjoying a delicious meal at Pink Mamma. Designed by MBDS, this bar/restaurant is beautiful from the pink tiled exterior to the plant filled interior, including a rooftop garden. (photos: James McDonald unless otherwise noted)



b says:

Well, it’s not L’Ambrosie!!!!!

But very roomy and inviting, exciting, lots going on and many rooms for booking private occasions could be very successful lots of “overhead” hangings, etc., lots of natural light. I could get stuck in there and never leave. The intimate spaces incorporate the larger as a cohesive experience. In other words, the smaller areas are nuggets of the large.

Mahine says:

I love love love this restaurant. I usually eat on the last floor.

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