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Posted on Wed, 30 Jan 2019 by midcenturyjo

We loved the first stage of this Armadale, Melbourne home by Simone Haag. Sensationally chic and fashion forward (here). The next area tackled by Simone and her team was the informal living space. Family friendly but still so design savvy just like its fashion director owner. Cesca chairs, Maralunga sofa, perfect!

atma says:

Cool space! Did you mean to leave a link in your text? At the (here)?

KiM says:

Yes. I have updated it.

b says:

It’s missing something, the walls are devoid, and that’s not the intent.
The cabinets appear to be bulilt behind…a low wall, its an odd situation, as with many of your posts. I will leave this one with a ? mark and that is not the intent of theirs. However, the coffee table I have seen done most beautifully with wrappped gold voil in it. This however is not.

parzival says:

wow, the “B” has stung again with another comment that get the point accurately about this one, to me everything seems deflated, devoid of springiness or welcomness. again, cheers to “B” – i agree.

b says:

LOL! You make me laugh!
Springiness, I like that!
At least you expound! It’s usually “flawless!”, “perfect!”, “cool!”
Cheers, mate!

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