Eclectic and colourful granny chic

Posted on Thu, 31 Jan 2019 by KiM

Eclectic and colourful, with an overtone of granny chic. Which makes this home absolutely to die for because I love all of those things together. This is such a mash-up of styles, and the colours are so beautiful I can’t stop staring at these photos and inspecting every intriguing inch. Congrats to Chloe Warner of design firm Redmond Aldrich for turning this San Francisco carriage home into something spectacular.

Photos: Laure Joliet

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b says:

What’s ‘granny chic’, anyway? What is that, really? It’s not an identifiable style. They use a chinz fabric on a sofa, that happens to be the correct scale for such a piece, it makes it granny? A faded chinz botanical can be really beautiful. Given the correct scale. Look at Mario Buatta, he did it right and sadly passed recently. I have a few hilarious stories about him. That is a beautiful screen, sadly misused but notheless, at least used. Pay attention to cornices on the first photo, they are important and here uneven. You should know better, designer.

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