Posted on Mon, 11 Feb 2019 by midcenturyjo

Given a modern penthouse by the developers to style, Neal Beckstedt has created a sophisticated yet relaxing oasis in downtown New York. A mix of old and new pieces and carefully chosen artwork has given the four bedroom apartment personality. It’s worldly and suave yet casual and grounding. Definitely not your usual brash “we’ve got cash” styled for sale home.

OH man, you really had me til the 8th pic. Absolutely perfect. All I have ever REALLY wanted is a room with a linen tufted day-bed, an antique rug and a Jeanneret lounge chair.

It was all so perfect and then along comes too much color! The painting in the 9th pic, the saturated color in the bed rooms.

Bathroom fits in the perfect category.

OMG this is what I have become. When I don’t just notice these things. BUT THEN I have fo and write about it and tell the world.

What a treat. Thanks (mostly)

Shelley says:

Hi Jo. This comment will be deleted, as it should. I want to thank you and your partner for posting the most beautiful homes, such as the one above. In the US, with our horrible news cycles, it is a pleasure to come to this site and lose myself. Your taste is amazing and I appreciate what both of you do. Kind regards.

KiM says:

Why delete? Thank you so much Shelley for the kind words! XOXO

AD says:

Those giant sponges in the bathroom are amazing. All over a beautiful home.

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