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Refined luxury. Decadence. Sophistication. Meticulous attention to detail. Enjoy some jaw-dropping eye candy from London-based design firm Janine Stone & Co.


Very nice decoration.

b says:

Stop ignoring architectural!!!! I see this too frequently in your posts, esp. France.
That fireplace with the clock is amazing!
The cornices. That eighth photo is a complete missed opportunity. Work with interior architecture, not against it! There are a million other things I could have done with these rooms, including yours, Kim! Yeah, decadent, alright. Whatever.

KiM says:

If you’re going to continue to talk trash about my house, I would LOOOOOOOVE to hear what you would have done instead. Please indulge me.

S says:

Dear B:

Are you under the impression that Kim (and Jo) photograph the rooms they feature here?

Love: S

KiM says:

B dissed my living room walls in my last Monday’s pets on furniture post and can’t seem to get over how horrible they are

Anke says:

Hi Kim, B seems to tend to use lots of !!!!s and generally comes across as a bit grumpy or easily infuriated. Well, different tastes, what can you do?! While I am sure none of your occasional or regular readers have to love every single detail in every single picture I really treasure your constant supply for all of us with great and diverse stuff. Thanks, sister! So keep posting for those of us who enjoy your work… and maybe just ignore B – hardly worth the bother.

axie says:

X2 Anke! This is not a place for verbal abuse. The time and care Kim and Jo put in to this site should be appreciated- and I also agree, ignore B. I do.

Thanks both of you, I don’t always comment when I’m busy, but I always make time to check in everyday!

ps- the lighting in these rooms is crazy gorgeous!

b says:

I must of hit a nerve.

As a professional in the business, you can ignore me as much as you want. Most don’t.

Yes, my comments are valid and Kim don’t get so touchy, you display your work for all the world to see, one wonders how you would ever pass a jury in an architect’s class ripping apart your work? I’ve been there. Toughen up.

Decadence is decline in culture and is what we aim to destroy, we interior designers, there are a few of us who remain to keep things going.

KiM says:

This is the last rude comment from you I will leave on the blog. We don’t need this attitude here, and I don’t give a shit if you’re apparently a designer.

M says:

Good on ya Kim!

Z says:

Have been a long time reader of your post Kim. B needs a life. No talented professional would have this much time to waste being so bent out of shape over a post. If you don’t like what you see B move on….

b says:

You’re knitting club has to have the tires kicked once in awhile. Opinions backed with reason comes with the territory in design. If you don’t have one in this business, you are worth nothing.

I do have limited time in my day to respond with comments but we here in Manhattan appreciate your efforts. I’m not talking trash about your house. You are overreacting and so is your knitting club.

Try your tears.

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