A colourful New York City townhouse

Posted on Mon, 4 Mar 2019 by KiM

The vibe here in this colourful New York City townhouse is what gives me heart palpitations. When colours and patterns and lots of layering and really unique pieces come together and every square inch is a feast for the eyes. I spent a good half hour devouring every inch of these photos. This is what design should be about (IMHO). Where the viewer is drawn in and never wants to leave. Designed by Kati Curtis. We wanted to reflect the vintage era of the townhouse, and at the same time acknowledge the hip and modern nature of this couple; we decided on “vintage with a twist.” 

One way we expressed this was through the wallpaper, by Timorous Beasties, in the dining room; it captures the Victorian feel of the home but with the most modern pattern. 

Another wallpaper, this one in “the family room,” looks like a sweet Victorian pattern…from afar. Upon closer inspection something far less benign is revealed: a pattern of evil-looking moths. The kitchen’s original cabinetry, its leaded glass and old brick had all been restored; we wanted to be respectful, yet we also wanted to give a surprising twist, so along with that crazy moth wallpaper, and a banquette we designed—we layered avery modern, lucite table on top of an antique needlepoint rug.

The tin ceiling in the master bedroom, as well as the fireplace, were both original– we added everything else– again with idea of it “being of the era” and with elements (like the wallpaper) adding an edginess. Vibrant patterns are balanced with quiet and calm moments of white and cream on the king sized bed.

Because we had the wish for the clients to be engaged in their home even before they walked in, we added an antique lighting fixture inside over the original staircase and balustrade.

carlos xavier pinheiro matos dos reis says:

Beautiful house decoration

Barbara H says:

So many lovely spaces here. And I love the vintage elements. The entry and living room are my favorites.

Joette says:

Stunning! I love it all!

nancy says:

Who is the artist of the pieces above the mantelpiece in the dining room, in the main room and also the upstairs hall? I think it’s probably the same person – I love the whole thing, thosand e pieces are wonderful.

JF says:

…just love the warm atmosphere of this very stylish,
-no nonsense- appartement! Woody Allen could no doubt direct a wonderful movie in those ideal surroundings

Moyra says:

Gorgeous home. Somehow it reminds me of Jacques García. I love it. Thanks for sharing

Regina McDowell says:

Love this! It is full of life!

Diane says:

I have an older home and you have certainly inspired me. This is beautiful!

Lorraine says:

Huh… too bad about the “artwork”.

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