My latest trip to Puerto Vallarta and Sayulita

Posted on Sun, 7 Apr 2019 by KiM

Hey folks. I got back yesterday from the most amazing 2 week trip to my favourite places – Puerto Vallarta and Sayulita, Mexico. If you have been following the blog a while you’ll know I do this trek almost every winter and I can’t get enough. This time it was husband and I staying at the condo in PV my folks’ rent each year – 3.5 months this time – and then because we love the bohemian surf town of Sayulita so much, we rented a totally adorable Airbnb there for 3 nights partway through the trip. We ate at soooo many incredible restaurants, shopped and shopped and shopped (I need to look into the cost of a shipping container LOL), and lay in the sun for as many hours as possible. I cannot think of a better way to welcome spring after such a horrendous winter (and to make me regret returning home even more, it had just snowed here in Ottawa). Our next objective is finding a way to move to Mexico…at least for the winter months. Here is a bit of a glimpse into our trip from some photos I grabbed off of my phone.

the colours in Mexico blow my mind

one of my favourite decor shops in Puerto Vallarta – La Colleccion

first time spotting this mural – LOVE!

my love for pink and orange is strong

since I was a kid I dreamt of living in a climate where cacti thrive outside

Hotel Hafa in Sayulita

at every turn in Sayulita is something photo-worthy

a simple but beautiful church in the Sayulita town square

surfing vibes

plants as far as the eye can see in Sayulita – and this was just a random alcove on a main street

I can’t get over how cute they display their plants

sansevieria/snake plants taller than I have ever seen

many, many, many dogs run loose all over Sayulita
they’ve tried getting a handle on the stray dog population over the years… but then we found a little 8 week old puppy in the middle of the road one day

kinda love this, especially when I realized we kept walking past this for 3 days before I noticed

the colours!!!
we need to take note up here in bleak Canada

I didn’t buy that tapestry
a travesty
especially when the sweet kid at that stall took a good minute to try and come up with how to say 3000 pesos (in Spanish)

oh, did we eat!
the view from Barcelona Tapas Thursday night – a favourite restaurant of ours for many years in Puerto Vallarta

what’s not to love about tiles and plants

we stumbled upon an antiques shop we had never seen before and I nearly had a stroke at all the things, like this massive mirror, I wanted to bring home

this Mexican restaurant wins an award from me for having the cutest exterior

a beautiful shop in Sayulita called Nakawe Trading where I bought some gorg pillow cases

I wanted all the things in this store – Suré Moda y Casa

Evoke The Spirit


It’s raining here in Sun Vally, the snow is slowly shrinking so your pictures were a wonderful break on a grey morning.
Love Mexico!

KiM says:

The best part about vacationing in PV – it never rains! Or even gets cloudy!

ombia says:

And now i just want to know if you could helpo a little puppy 🙁

KiM says:

I’m hoping the puppy we found is ok and gets adopted!

Beth says:

I have really enjoyed these pictures. Thank you so much for sharing!

KiM says:

Glad you liked them Beth! XO

Ana says:

Loved this post! Christina (from My Travel Atelier) decided to leave cold Denmark and move to Mexico too! I think you would love following her adventures in Mexico and perhaps it could inspire you in your desire to live there. I interview her recently:

KiM says:

Thanks for the link Ana! Will for sure check it out.

Shannon Hotham says:

Which Airbnb did you stay at in Sayulita?

KiM says:

We stayed here:

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