A gardener’s house

Posted on Wed, 29 May 2019 by KiM

Another beautiful project (bought and since sold) by the talented team at Les EnsembliersThis house was built on 4 acres of land, surrounded by manicured gardens. After reviewing this project, Les Ensembliers decided to only paint and decorate this home instead of renovating it and risk loosing its soul. The intent was to sell the house but, once the decor took shape, they fell in love with it. The decor inspiration of this project started with the dining room painting which, for Les Ensembliers, represents Giverny and its true character and connection to gardens. Every element of the house was chosen for its references to Monet’s work. This project was about bringing the English garden spirit, elegance, simplicity, and ease inside the house. White painted floors in a old country home is a simple, yet very effective solution, to create an elegant backdrop.

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