Timeless and unique in Utah

Posted on Wed, 3 Jul 2019 by midcenturyjo

Salt Lake City based Jamie Bellessa Design creates timeless and unique spaces with a twist or as they put it “creating fresh new design by sticking with classics while adding pops of wow.” What is ticking all the boxes for me in this Park City house is the butler’s pantry (OK the kitchen as well), the sweep of the staircase and the dark and moody office. Now before some of you get steamed about the practicality of books placed randomly on shelves with nary a cover or spine in sight let’s just cut the designers/stylist/photographer some slack. It’s just for an interesting picture. We all know the owners will have them properly placed in real life 🙂









Photography By Melissa Kelsey


David says:

Clearly not a reader’s home. I hate the backwards book trend – thought it was over?!

Donald says:

I don’t think the books are backwards, I think they are sideways. Clearly that comment is from a person with no attention to detail. Don’t you just love generalizations!

David says:

If you don’t see any backwards books in the photos, you’re clearly lacking a focus on detail. Calling them all sideways is quite the generalization, too. Perhaps if you read more you’re petty retorts would be more effective.

Brian Underwood says:

What kind of wood did you use for the bench and back of bench in the laundry room? What kind of stain?


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