Chasing the dream – a canal boat in London

Posted on Thu, 11 Jul 2019 by midcenturyjo

“Chinampa” is the name given to the floating gardens used for cultivation by the Aztecs. It’s also the name of a one-bedroom 58ft widebeam canal boat on London’s Regent Canal. That’s right I’m real estate stalking a London canal boat and why not? It’s a wonderful mix of vintage and bespoke, romantic and stylish. I might not dream of running away to the high seas but I could very easily settle into this small and beautifully formed home afloat. Link here while it lasts.


Blanders says:

145,000 pounds for what is essentially a one-bedroom designer flat in relatively central London seems like a bit of a bargain. Presumably the mooring fees are astronomic.

Heather says:

A lot of people are being priced out due to mooring fee increases –

Marie says:

Fabulously fab 💜

nicole says:

so fab my wife and I say “we should sell our home and travel” and buy one 🙂

Kevin Forrester says:

When can I move in

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