Fun colours and textures with a bohemian vibe

Posted on Fri, 9 Aug 2019 by KiM

This lakeside home in Austin, Texas is the perfect family home with lots of entertaining spaces, a to-die-for 2 story screened in porch, and lots of colours and textures. Just the right amount of personality and comfort. Designed by Fern Santini (architecture: Paul Lamb + Inge Hendley, photos: Douglas Friedman)

Scott says:

yes Yes YES!

Dawn says:


Naomi says:

Ooh, recognised it immediately – that’s Danneel and Jensen Ackles’ house! They have a lot of cool art peppered throughout the house – my favourite are the deer planters;) Danneel injected a lot of personality into her house, and the architects know how to use texture – the house is really lovely!

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