A 70’s bohemian home in Ibiza

Posted on Wed, 21 Aug 2019 by KiM

This apartment could not be more uplifting, fun, quirky and retro-fabulous!!! I found this Ibiza home (of vintage shop owner Vicente Ganesha) on the website of super-talented interior stylist Pete Bermejo and I am having heart palpitations. I had to start with the bedroom because it is beyond gorgeous. (I hope he has hired someone to clean because I can’t imagine dusting his glass collection). Photos: Pablo Zamora

Heather says:

Not my style but I like it. It looks lived in. Such a nice change from so many of the over-styled photo shoots we see in shelter mags.

Lorraine says:

Too much stuff although I like a lot of the stuff. It makes me feel like it is a store instead of an apartment. Oh, the staged bigass lamp on the little table with two chairs… really? No one can sit there; where would they put the wine? 😉

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