Eternity Modern and my new dream sofa

Posted on Wed, 4 Sep 2019 by KiM

A few months ago the folks at Eternity Modern emailed us about a blog feature. I had not heard of this company before so I took a look around their website and was delighted to know they are headquartered in Vancouver (Canadian eh!) and have an appreciation for some of the best classic mid-century designs. They carry sofas, lounge chairs, dining tables and chairs, sideboards, office chairs and more, of the designs of geniuses like Hans Wegner, Eero Saarinen, Le Corbusier, Finn Juhl, Warren Platner and many more. I was asked to review a product from their shop and I wasn’t sure what to choose at first, until I came across their version of the Noguchi Freeform sofa & ottoman. I have dreamt of owning a curved sofa for quite some time, and knew I would never come across one in the wild here in Ottawa, land of some of the most boring vintage furniture, so as soon as I spotted this sofa I was sold.

The 9 or so weeks I had to wait for my sofa to be made based on my fabric selection were the longest 9 weeks of my life. Selecting fabrics was a bit agonizing too – Eternity Modern has options for this piece of either bouclé wool, cashmere or velvet (or custom, using your own fabric!). They will send along fabric samples which is VERY handy to help with the decision making process. Given the amount of cats I have I knew velvet would be ideal for me (so easy to wipe the fur off!), but picking colours was tough. I was torn between rose mauve and ginger cider for the base and ottoman but after asking on Instagram it seemed the ginger cider was the winner. I then chose slate pebble for the back rest. That done I started thinking about furniture placement in my living room. This sofa is rather large – a little over 10 feet long. and it ranges in width from left to right to form the curve so it’s the perfect sofa to have at an angle. The ottoman is no slouch at almost 4 feet long.

I realized once it arrived that I would have to rearrange the entire room to fit it at the longer end as it really it quite large and needs a fair amount of space. The photo below shows an “aerial” view (me standing on a chair) so you can really get an idea of the curves. It is absolutely gorgeous.

And I have to say it’s really well made.The velvet is beautiful and I hope wears well over time. It is perhaps a bit more firm than I would prefer (I just noticed the site says “cushion softness customizable”) but I’m sure it will soften in time. I had a nap on it the other day and to be able to spread out with the cats around me was fabulous. 🙂

I am really happy with my purchase (keeping things real here – I received a discount on the sofa, it was not free of charge). The only issue that came out of this whole process was with the shipping. Perhaps my fault for insisting the sofa be delivered on the estimated day the shipping company had noted on their site as I had booked the day off work, but when only one guy showed up and could not get it off the truck, I climbed in, unwrapped some of the packaging and helped carry this beast (I think it weighs over 200 lbs) into my garage. I was so excited to finally have my Freeform sofa in my living room as I had sold my previous sofa right after purchasing this one, that I was willing to do anything to get this in my house!

I am in love. It really is the sofa of my dreams.

A couple of quick notes about Eternity Modern: the designs are all identical to the original, shipping is free over $1000, their prices are great and totally reasonable for the quality of their products, they have a large selection of really beautiful fabrics. And did I mention they have a Canadian site? That is key for me as I detest spending money on exchange rates, duty, handling, and all the other fees that mysteriously pop up when shopping internationally. They do have a US site and have warehouse and distribution centers throughout the world.

I took a few shots around the room to show what else I have going on in there since I really did have to rearrange everything to fit the sofa in. It was alot of fun to work it into the space and create a new, lighter zone in that end of the room. I’m still going to be fussing with the layout a bit and the accessories but this is what I had going on during photo shoot day.

My husband bought me this swing-arm lamp about 10 years ago off eBay from the Netherlands I think, and it has been in a box in storage waiting for the perfect spot all those years. When the sofa arrived I realized it matches  perfectly with the colour of the back rest. I’m so stoked to be able to finally use it!

My sister Jen was doing a tour of all the ice cream shops in the city she could find over the summer, and took this photo of my niece Adelina on one of their stops. She had eaten black ice cream and I had to have this photo blown up. I found a vintage frame in storage and for under $20 I have new art over my fireplace.

Where my last sofa was became the plant and book zone.

Across from the sofa I added some Panton chairs and a lucite table under my antique mirror (collage in the reflection that is hanging over the sofa was a new purchase for the space by Stephanie Clayton via Artfix Cultured Studios)

M says:

Both those wall/ceiling lights with the sofa are just <3 <3 <3

In practice I love high, squishy sofa backs, but this one is gorgeous to look at.

KiM says:

Thanks M! I too love a squishy sofa but I’ll take form over function any day 😂

Peggy says:

Omigawd I am delirious with envy! I’ve always wanted a Noguchi sofa. That is so gorgeous and your styling is extraordinary. So sophisticated. Truly next level.

KiM says:

Thanks sooooooo much sweet Peggy! I thought you might approve of the new space 💛

axie says:

I’d never say no to a Noguchi! It looks fabulous, Kim, and that swing arm light is perfect. I had no idea it was that large! But the roundness allows for open corners and keeps it from being the only thing you can fit in the room 🙂

Have your rooms been getting lighter in color lately? :))

KiM says:

Thanks Axie! The roundness and not much of a bank piece sure help. This room is the only one needing lightening up. The rest I’m ok with being darker 😁

Gladys says:

That sofa is absolutely gorgeous! I love the colors!!! You never disappoint Kim ♥️♥️♥️!

KiM says:

Thanks soooo much Gladys! I’m really glad I picked this sofa and these colours. This sofa could not be more me. 😆

Michelle Cohen says:

I really like this, do you mind my asking, how did you get one in two different colors?

KiM says:

They were very accommodating. I’d suggest contacting them and letting them know you’d prefer 2 colours. Not sure why they don’t offer this on the site when the photo shows 2.

Sally Lee says:

I’ve been eyeing the Freeform sofa from Eternity Modern for ages, and I am so glad to have found your review! I’m so in love with this sofa that I’m totally down to get it purely for its looks. However, my husband begs to differ. (I know, silly him!)

I’m hoping you could help me gauge the comfort level of this sofa. What do you think? What do your guests think? How do people usually sit on it? Is it easy to lounge on the L-shaped side of the sofa?

Also, I absolutely adore your design aesthetic. Every piece is so unique and they all go together somehow.

KiM says:

In general comfort is not its forte. This is a sofa for looks. It is VERY firm. Though I have napped on it, lounged on it many times while catching up on IG… We don’t really have people over (feral cats, lots of cats in general) so haven’t really experienced several people hanging on it at once but there sure is room for that! In general I would not call it a comfortable sofa but the shape, large size and overall coolness make up for it.
And thank you! 🙂

Sally Lee says:

Thank you so much for replying! Your review of the sofa reaffirms what I had thought to be the case. Time to convince husband that we don’t need a sofa for comfort hahaha.

Thanks again! Also, I’m jealous of your situations with the cat visitors!

Maria says:

Hi Kim. Did you get the large or the small size? The site offers this sofa in 2 sizes.
Regarding comfort, site does say cushioning comfort can be customized. You mentioned this is very firm, do you think the design can allow for comfort customization? Would love your opinion.
Thank you!

KiM says:

There was only one size when I bought it – mine is 10’ long. And there was no option for comfort but I’d definitely go for a bit less firm.

Maria Alvia says:

Wow it’s quite long! Thank you so much for replying!

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