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A modern kitchen with a vintage vibe

Posted on Wed, 20 Nov 2019 by midcenturyjo

Approachable, livable and super stylish this contemporary kitchen with its vintage overtones is packed with personality. No cookie cutter, big box store blandness. Oh no. This kitchen is all about being effortlessly easy in the Big Easy. Irish Channel kitchen and dining by New Orleans based Logan Killen Interiors.

Lumière Lodge

Posted on Tue, 19 Nov 2019 by KiM

WARNING: Get yourself some tissues before delving into this post. You’re going to need something to pop up the drool.

Lumière Lodge is brimming with colour, minimal and perfect. Watch the seasons whisper in through the homes antique windows, indulge in whiskey by the fire, or slip into the clawed foot bath and bathe under the light of the stained glass window. Launched in Winter of 2019 Lumière Lodge is the perfect location for creative content studio bookings. Lumière Lodge has been lovingly restored to its original beauty and is true to the Victorian Style.(Photos: Marnie Hawson)

Atelier Prototipi

Posted on Tue, 19 Nov 2019 by KiM

Atelier Prototipi is a design studio based in Minsk, Belarus founded by architects Aleksey Klimov and Eugene Cherkas. Their take on modern design is whimsical and refreshing. Architecture as art.

Photos: Andrey Dubinin

I don’t know about where you come from but here is Australia these kind of apartments are common. Whether a new build or as in this case a warehouse conversion the developer maximises their profit by minimising the occupant’s square metres by building the bedroom up on a mezzanine floor. Not my favourite type of living but this little apartment in Melbourne’s Fitzroy (of course!) makes the most with what it has been given. An ivy clad courtyard provides a beautiful outlook through a double height window while the owner’s vintage vibe and love of books injects life into what could be a pokey little box.  Exposed beams and judicious use of voids are little added extras. The sad thing is this inner city pad has a guide price of over $1 million when it goes to auction. Ouch. Link here while it lasts.


A quick six

Posted on Mon, 18 Nov 2019 by midcenturyjo

I hate to play favourites but when it comes to real estate stalking I love the inner Melbourne suburb of Fitzroy. Gritty and funky, artistic and happening, inner city history and innovation. From small redo apartments to OTT heritage conversions, terrace houses to warehouses. Click on the images to be taken to the listings while they last. Via realestate.com.au.