The mystical qualities of a centuries old home

Posted on Sun, 26 Jan 2020 by KiM

I have imagined for many years of living in a mid century modern home, an industrial loft, and a rustic relic of a home. This would be the rustic relic of my dreams. It is a 16th century oak framed farmhouse 2 hours outside of London, set on 2 acres of wild gardens and meadows, with 7 bedrooms and numerous outbuildings. I could cry this is so beautiful. Available as a location home through Shoot Factory.

kim Davies says:

I love looking a things like this. Very cool and a bit spooky ;-).

It looks so storybook beautiful!

Franki says:

So many memories made there..I find “old homes” mystical & enchanting. franki

Lola says:

What do you call those dried flowers in the vases? I can’t stop looking at them.

KiM says:

Bear’s claw maybe? Not sure.

rachel says:

Queen Anne’s Lace I think

midcenturyjo says:

Or maybe dried cow parsley?

KiM says:

i thought cow parsley was more flat than these ones, same with queen anne’s lace.

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