Victorian chic in a historic landmark home

Posted on Wed, 4 Mar 2020 by KiM

Dream home alert!!! I am absolutely head over heels in love with this project by Seattle-based designer Michelle Dirkse. Victorian chic is what I would call this. “We want it to look like a haunted mansion.” Our clients’ request was one that we had never heard before and we were excited to explore it. The historic landmark home needed major work on the second floor. We completely re-developed the floorplan for the existing 6 bedroom 2 bath layout. By relocating walls with the help of a structural engineer and converting one of the bedrooms into an appropriately sized master bathroom, the new floorplan served the clients’ as they needed. With no plans to have others live in the home with them, we were able to convert 2 rooms into a large art studio with a lounge area. Another room was converted to a den, one to a dressing room and the last to the master bathroom. (The bathroom – OMGGGG!!!)

Photos: Aaron Leitz

Karen says:

I’m not a fan of Victorian homes/decor, but I find this home absolutely stunning.

Blanders says:

It doesn’t quite gel for me. There’s too much clashing upholstery, and big ornate pieces of furniture surrounded by too much empty space (and almost no art).

The bedroom is a good example. The wallpaper and the black bed with black bedding set a good tone, but it’s ruined by the incongruous lavender loveseat in the window. Imagine that loveseat replaced by, say, a classic black Mies Van Der Rohe bench, and the room suddenly makes a lot more sense.

Similarly, swap the club armchairs in the study with the red paint-spatter chairs in the parlour and they work better with the colours and furniture in both rooms!

At least the wallpaper is appropriately lavish.

So charming.

Art Kernow says:

Love this. The eclectic mix of furniture and colours works superbly. The lavender seat is a touch of genius. Not keen on the net curtains though. Works of art would add a nice finish (but then I am an artist so I would say that!)

Carmen says:

It’s GORGEOUS!!! Hey Blanders, why don’t you be you and let others be themselves.

Rainy Day says:

Hey Carmen, Blanders was just expressing an opinion. So why don’t YOU let others be themselves. (It’s not nice to be a bully.)

Love, Love, Love this!! It doesn’t feel like a stuffy victorian. Just stunning!

Lucie says:

My husband and I love this bathroom! It has a balance of feminine and masculine touches. Could you please tell me the name of the green paint you used?

Pete says:

Oh, Rainy Days, considering you rarely give positive feedback and in fact, can be derogatory about other people’s work, it’s surprising you level such an opinion and accusation here. Pot and kettle, perhaps?

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