The office of Russian interior designer Boris Dmitriev

Posted on Sun, 26 Apr 2020 by KiM

As soon as I came across a feature on Russian designer Boris Dmitriev‘s office/apartment in Architectural Digest Russia I laughed because it is such a bold contrast to the office Jo featured yesterday. Located in a building built in 1905 in Moscow, this 84 m² space is so unique. Boris does not shy away from colour or pattern! I know this isn’t for everyone, but his attention to detail and the way he pulls it all together with such cohesion is extraordinary.

Photos: Mikhail Stepanov

Fantastic, I love it.

Lorraine says:

I agree with you, Kim. He really does know how to pull a place together. I really love the furniture, color, patterns… everything! Thanks for the link; I enjoyed looking at his other work too. All gorgeous!

axie says:

I agree that this is a stark contrast to the office yesterday, which I loved, so I should hate this. But I don’t! The colors are stunning, and even though it’s more maximalist than my taste, every piece so interesting!
Maybe it’s because I’ve now spent too much time homebound and any and all change is welcome 🙂

Moyra says:

Scrummy colours. Great, interesting decoration. Lovely home.

Suzanne Melton says:

Meeting with a client:
Client: “Uh, just do whatever you want!”

Melanie Millar says:

Wow! So glamorous! Absolutely stunning use of color!
Love it!

Christine says:

My husband and I are attracted to minimalist, neutral, clean lined, unfussy interiors. That is until we saw the work of this designer. We are drooling over his interiors. Extraordinary talent.

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