E&A 64 House – a hidden sanctuary in Mexico

Posted on Fri, 10 Jul 2020 by KiM

As many of you know by now, I absolutely adore Mexico, and have dreams of moving there one day. When Edward sent us photos of his incredible home in Mexico, I was so excited to share it with you all. It’s stunning, and I love how you have no idea what you’ll find on the other side of the very unassuming front door. My wife and I are from England, and live in the beautiful city of Merida, state capital of the Yucatan in Mexico. Many of the old colonial buildings in the city centre have been renovated, some very grand, some quite modest. Casa Cool (CasaEA64) is an old colonial but with contemporary addition. We used a local architect with  their construction people. The house is in the city centre (Barrio of Santa Ana), but as you can see from the garden, quite secluded for a city property. The architects drew up the plans taking into account our requirements.
My wife and I did the decoration using our possessions and stuff acquired from our travels. The plan was not to make a Mexican ¨theme¨ house, but to keep it all rather eclectic. We tried to keep it simple and free of clutter, thinking that empty space is as important as ¨things¨. The idea was to continue with the high ceilings because of the heat in the Yucatan. But we also wanted every space to have its own source of natural light. We wanted to blur the distinction between interior and exterior. Thus the large sliding windows by the kitchen which is the heart of the home. Internal courtyard means plenty of open doors to assist airflow. Bedrooms are air-conditioned, but we rely on natural cross breezes for ventilation in the living spaces. Ceiling fans and air-gaps provide this. Floors are white polished cement with local pasta tiles in diamond pattern to mimic the Moroccan Beni Ouarain. The patterned floor tiles in the studio are original. There are 3 Scottish portraits hung vertically in the entrance. The frames of these were made from the cedar wood of the old original front doors which were beyond saving. Little things like that provide a bit of a link with the history of the house and added a touch of character to the place.
This home could not be more perfect and if I get the opportunity to move there one day, I hope to be able to find a home this enchanting. Architect: Taller Estilo Arquitectura Photography: Apertura Arquitectónica

Susann says:

Wow, so dreamy!

Suzanne Melton says:

Dave’s uncle retired to Ajijic, Jalisco many years ago.

He had a two-story house and I understand the front of Uncle Lance’s house was similar to the front of Edward’s home where nothing in the front gives a hint to what’s behind the door.

KiM says:

Isn’t that the coolest idea?! I love it.

Misty Pesto says:

We’re so lucky Edward sent photos to Kim & Jo! Enthralling place and almost unbelievable what is behind the facade.
Beautiful memories came back from Mérida and other magical places from my journey a long time ago…
¡viva México!

axie says:

Absolutely beautiful. I also love Mexico- the people, the culture. Yucatan is a magical place!

Naomi Barron says:

love love love 🙂

Beth says:


Anke says:

Oh wow, this is beautiful. Never thought I’d like white floors this much! They absolutely nailed it. Great post, thanks!

Steve says:

This guy, Edward, really sounds like he knows what he’s doing. With his eye for a cool look he ought to be setting up in business as a design consultant/ideas man.

Dorota says:

Like you, I love Mexico and would like to live there someday, perhaps even Merida. This was an interesting interior for me, because it’s the first time I’ve seen that classic Merida architecture married with classic European furniture/art. It looks so, so good! You and Edward have given me new inspiration — and new energy behind the dream.

Moyra says:

I love this place, the tiled floors are fantastic. Thanks for sharing x

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