The Nook

Posted on Thu, 30 Jul 2020 by KiM

WOW! This 400 sq ft cabin in Swannanoa, North Carolina is a simple blend of Scandinavian and Japanese sensibilities and is so brilliantly laid out to maximize the small footprint. While being essentially one open space, it has a living room, breakfast nook, a bathroom, a kitchen, a media loft, a tea loft, and a bedroom. Designed by Shelter Collective – an interior design + architecture + custom furnishings studio whose attention to detail is impeccable. (You can rent this via Airbnb!)

Gina says:

What a dreamy cabin! I’m dying for a getaway but while travel is restricted, I’ll just drool over all these gorgeous pics. Thanks for the inspo!

Misty Pesto says:

Ideal forest home.

Franki Parde says:

I ADORE THIS!!!! Anyone who has a “swing” in their home is “right on!!” I love my swings,, in cabin, in gazebo, in tree….your home is perfect!! KUDOS! franki

Anke says:

Wow indeed, very nice! I just wonder why bother with a swing when actually swinging on it will crash you straight into the wall / window after a few centimeters – where’s the fun in that?! Maybe it’s more zen altogether and it makes you meditate about the very nature of a swing…

Kim says:

FUN. I love a circle window.

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