A European approach to a SoHo loft

Posted on Tue, 1 Dec 2020 by KiM

Dream loft alert! Curved ceiling moldings, picture-frame moldings, chevron hardwood floors, panelled doors, brass kitchen counter/sink/backsplash (!!!), oak panelling, a bathroom of epic proportions thanks to book-matched Calacatta Paonazzo marble…. Designed by Meyer Davis.

Carmen says:

That’s Jenna Lyons apartment.

KiM says:

I know. I didn’t see the point in mentioning it.

Carmen says:

Really? You didn’t? Interesting…

mfamb says:

lol. i think everyone knows it’s jenna lyons apartment. certainly anyone reading this blog.

Blanders says:

Those almost-but-not-quite identical bathrooms confused the hell out of me for a minute there.

It’s a lovely series of spaces, marred by a terrible art collection and poor placement of the beautiful furniture and objects. You’d think a fashion maven would demand better.

Carmen says:

This is Jenna Lyons apartment.

Caroline says:

Not timeless enough. This will look so ’2015-2020’ in a couple of years.

Cathy says:

Kim, I just saw the post you did of your dining room and the round table project. The room is incredible. Absolutely beautiful. XO

KiM says:

Thanks so much Cathy!!! ☺️

Ant says:

I love it. It looks so cozy and welcoming. I didn’t know it was Jenna Lyons. The placement of the art in the first photo would drive me nuts but I don’t live there !

Smith says:

Nice pad

Jacqueline says:

Beautiful! I love the eclectic look, I loved her last home too.

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