Kim’s favourite living rooms 2020 – part 1

Posted on Sun, 20 Dec 2020 by KiM

Lorenzo Castillo from this post

Lisa Gilmore from this post

Robert Passal from this post

Sway Studio from this post

Nicemakers from this post

Brigette Romanek from this post

 Kelly and Co. Design from this post

CeCe Barfield from this post

Cat Dal Interiors from this post

Marcante Testa from this post

Studio Gabrielle from this post

Lagerlings from this post

 sköna hem from this post

Kingston Lafferty Design from this post

BAO from this post

 Boris Dmitriev from this post

Brittany Bromley from this post

PROjECT from this post

Maison Hand from this post

Transition State from this post

Art N Deco from this post

Misty Pesto says:

Dear Kim and Jo,
A huge thank you for the amount of time and energy you put into giving us beautiful minutes every day. For many, many years, every single day. And you crown it all with your collection of favorites at the most beautiful time of the year. Merry Christmas & Happy, healthy New Year!
Grateful thanks, wishing you all the best: Misty

KiM says:

Thank you so much Misty and happy holidays to you too!!! XOXO

Beth says:

I agree with Misty! I can’t even express how much I enjoy your posts. Thank you, Kim and Jo! You keep me inspired.

KiM says:

Thank you Beth! We appreciate your patronage 😁 Happy holidays!

Suzanne Melton says:

What Misty said!

You’ve been one of my homepages for years.

Happy Anniversary next month!

midcenturyjo says:

Thanks Suzanne! I know you’re going to enjoy our favourites this year. I especially love seeing Kim’s selections. She always finds the most amazing homes 🙂

Moyra says:

Thank you, Kim and Jo, for providing a beautiful, safe place to go to every day. You’re an anchor in this crazy world.

midcenturyjo says:

Thanks Moyra 🙂 Happy holidays!

Satonya Gonzales says:

I too, througly enjoy the beautiful pictures. Display just right. I get great ideas from your stories.

KiM says:

Thank you and happy holidays!

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