Posted on Wed, 6 Jan 2021 by midcenturyjo

What do I love about this London townhouse? The custom library shelves and the cosy wood-burning fire. The moody rooms and the conservatory with its traditional English greenhouse feel. The bespoke dressing room (look at that clever shoe storage) and the marble bathrooms. And the shutters in the bedroom and the secret rooftop terrace and the backyard and the … and the … Chelsea Townhouse by AND.

Anke says:

Please DO feel obliged to hand over that conservatory to me, asap! Thanks, much appreciated. And a happy new year!

Nicola says:

It is absolutely beautiful. I wouldn’t know where to start with my favourite features. However, we need to stop glorifying wood burning fires. Next to cars they are London’s greatest pollutants and more than one third of the UK has air pollution levels above WHO safe limits. No one should be putting a wood burning fire in a new renovation.

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