An Upper West Side townhouse for an art-collecting couple

Posted on Fri, 26 Mar 2021 by KiM

Aside from my initial horror that this Upper West Side townhouse probably had exquisite woodwork in a former life before it was all painted out white, this home is classically beautiful and thoughtfully curated. Designed for an exacting art-collecting couple, this historic Upper West Side townhouse is all about form and light. The primary directive from the clients was to create a gallery-like space that would showcase their ever-expanding and diverse collection of art and design; Gachot sought to deliver while making a space that was human, textured, and liveable.

Photography: Nicole Franzen

Lisa says:

What a shame about that exquisite woodwork.

Gabriella says:

I don´t understand your comment………

Jay says:

Is the comment about the painted bannisters ?

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