A restored warehouse in The Hague

Posted on Sun, 23 May 2021 by KiM

Welcome to the jaw-droppingly gorgeous home in The Hague of internationally sought-after contemporary Spanish painter Lita Cabellut. What was a former warehouse/antique store in the 18th century is now an exquisite example of a restore project that was done soooooo right. I am blown away at the beauty of every room. And make sure you pay attention to the kitchen sink! (translated from the article: The old marble basin comes from royal gardens and was originally used to clean and wash the roses with which the palace bouquets would later be made). Via Elle Decor Spain. (Photos: Pablo Sarabia)

Misty Pesto says:


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Barb Ward says:

You can do NO WRONG on your choices Kim! Bravo
Girl on another astounding property

Laine says:

Beautiful, just beautiful! Makes me want to travel the world.

Pamela Thom says:

Simply stunning!! Thank you so much for sharing this.

Prata says:

These cracks and chips on furniture and doors have a special charm. Plenty of natural light from large windows. And the mirror with a massive frame is especially impressive.

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