A pool house and natural pool in England

Posted on Mon, 26 Jul 2021 by KiM

Sweet jeezus this is the pool of my dreams!!! I’ve always loved pools that have a “natural” look to them and this one is spectacular! The gorgeous pool house being a bonus. Water Artisans constructed the combined pond and swimming pool using a BioTop swimming pond system. It is 2.5m in the deeper end, with a concrete base laid down the length of the pool. It has wildlife friendly aquatic planting around the edges and uses a completely chemical free filtration system, which means it is easy to maintain and has low running costs. The pool relies on the sun and temperature to keep it warm. The contoured curved meadows adjacent to the pool are landscaped to encourage biodiversity and also protect the pool from prevailing winds. Designed by Richmond Bell Architects. Contractors: ATT Building Company Landscape Design: Fi Boyle Garden Design

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