Villa Magnolia and its shocking discovery

Posted on Sun, 8 Aug 2021 by KiM

I spotted this story on Architectural Digest Germany and it blew my mind so I absolutely had to share it with you. And had this happened to me, you would have quite literally needed to pick me up off the floor because I would have passed right out.

As the story goes (hopefully translated correctly), Miryam Baha-Kernchen and her husband moved into an 1887 villa in the city of Bremen, Germany, that had been in her husband’s family for many years. It sounds like it had been separated into apartments at one time and as part of the renovations they wanted to make, they began removing a wall to open it up. (All photos by Miryam)

Under ugly ceramic tile and lowered drywall ceilings they made an incredible discovery.

ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?!?! This is what they found underneath all that tile and drywall. Whyyyyyyyyyyyy would someone hide all of this beauty?!?! It keeps going. And is a work in progress at this point so there’s not many photos of complete spaces. But WOW what a project this is! (You can follow along on their journey on Miryam’s Instagram account)

I mean….. To open up a lowered ceiling and find such hidden treasure underneath…

And speaking of ceilings, this room was a hint to what they might find, as the ceiling had not been covered up when Miryam and her husband moved in.

This is my favourite reveal of the story. This is what the entrance looked like before, and once all the beauty was uncovered…

One more in progress space – the kitchen to be converted into a bedroom…

Jairo Geronymo says:

Dear Kim, dear Jo,

What an incredible story!!!
Thank you for sharing!
Your daily dose of inspiration always makes my day!

Melanie D Millar says:

They are doing God’s work. What a great story!

Rainy says:

I don’t know what that means.

Rainy says:

I don’t know what that means, Melanie.

Barb Ward says:

Once again, a truly inspiring post. Thank you
Can we also say – fireplace mantle is beyond

Carol Smith says:

You can’t un-see this. The “before” will give me nightmares for many years to come.

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