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Posted on Tue, 10 Aug 2021 by midcenturyjo

I couldn’t just share one project from Barracuda Interiors. This stylish cabana is home to a French family, their coastal getaway. Once again the eclectic mix of “20th-century furniture, Portuguese decorative objects – particularly ceramics – and pieces Alexandre Neimann designs himself that act as a bridge between the architecture and the 20th-century pieces” appears so simple yet so chic.

Blanders says:

There’s some good things here, but my takeaway from this home is that the owners never want anyone to feel comfortable while seated, especially for dining. My back itches just looking at those rattan breakfast nook chairs, my butt hurts just looking at those hard unstable patio chairs, and can you feel that horrible scrape as your thighs rub against the flaking rust of those pool chairs?

And meanwhile, the ghost of some poor whale is saying, “they used my vertebra for WHAT?”

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