Top 20 A’ Design Award Winners

Posted on Mon, 16 Aug 2021 by midcenturyjo

With over 100 categories the A’ Design Award & Competition is the world’s largest design competition. But it is not just an award. It is an indicator of quality and perfection in design, recognized worldwide, your design front and centre before design companies and professionals. Entries are be judged by an international jury panel of scholars, professionals and media members (you can check out the methodology here) and the benefits to the winners are inspiring. The trophy, of course, an invitation to the gala night, a certificate of quality, inclusion in the prestigious A’ Design Award and Competition exhibition and the yearly ResultBook but even more importantly press, PR, introduction to industry professionals and companies and international exposure. Now it’s time to get your own enteries in.

From the Good Industrial Design Award, to the Good Architecture Design Award. The Good Product Design Award to the Good Communication Design Award. The Good Service Design Award to the Good Fashion Design Award and so many more.

So much reach. So much influenece. A truly global competition. The numbers are staggering. 138,932,825 Pageviews 156,647 Registrations 35,237 Project Submissions 20,681 Eliminated Projects 14,556 Award Winners 1,800 Network Sites 750 Gala-Night Guests 180 Nationalities 212 Judges 122 Categories 108 Languages 100 Press Partners 40 Languages 12 Years 6 Award Levels. Wow!

Today I wanted to share my Top 20 winners from previous years … OK, OK actually just 20 of my hundreds of favourites over the years.

It’s time to submit your entries! The competition is now open for 2021/2022. Details can be found here. Registration information is available here. At the end of the competition we’ll be featuring some of our favourite winners. It could be your winning design!


This post is in collaboration with A’ Design Award & Competition

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