The collector

Posted on Wed, 13 Oct 2021 by midcenturyjo

This Justicia, Madrid apartment is not only light-filled but overflowing with antiques, artworks and a joyous, maximalist spirit. Not for the faint hearted (the dusting alone must take a week before one has to start all over again) but always intriguing, tempting. Elegant, sophisticated and just a little challenging. The perfect home for an enquiring mind by Ramon Garcia Jurado.

Photography by Monste Garriga


April says:

I love homes that have collections and curiosities, however, if these are actual ancient artifacts and not copies, I believe they belong to the country they came from and/or in public museums for all to enjoy. That said, as a history nut, It would be lovely to live among them.

Moyra says:

Snazzy place. I love it

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