Exuberance for life

Posted on Wed, 19 Jan 2022 by midcenturyjo

There is nothing cookie cutter or half baked about this house by Madrid-based interior design studio Marta de la Rica. It’s about a celebration of life, of vintage pieces and modern touches, theatre and innovation.

Photography by Manolo Yllera

Barb Ward says:

Why would the designer glass in a sloped wall and detract from the antique beams
why does the kitchen/dining area look like a lamp showroom
why is there no flue on the roaring fire – where does all the smoke and fumes go?
Yes, no cookie cutter design here Jo

Lorraine Frances says:

I came here to comment on the “fireplace”; as in, “What in the world is going on with that?” That is disturbing.

Lorraine Frances says:

Yes Barb, I was wondering about that “fireplace” as well. Seriously, it’s just all wrong.

P says:

Check the picture again. The fire is in a small cut out in the stone and the chimney must be directly above it. The rest is a masterful decorator’s trompe l’oeil! MAYBE.

Anke says:

Looks like the chimney is right above the open fireplace. It obviously is a huge one, so wide you wouldn’t need an inserted narrow flue made out of metal, at least not down there where you can see it. So that (part of the?) house might be very old, or imitates an old design. It is unusual, but not ‘wrong’ in my view.

AleyH says:

Absolutely looove this kitchen and dining room. This house is really designed, so many original moments while using the old.

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