Mesón Hidalgo

Posted on Tue, 15 Feb 2022 by KiM

I still have San Miguel de Allende on my list of must-visit places and what a dream it would be to stay at a place as gorgeous as Mesón Hidalgo.

Laura Kirar was leaving the city of San Miguel de Allende for another when she stepped, by chance, through the doors of a centuries-old manor house off Calle Hidalgo and—utterly enchanted—into an entirely different story. The house, renamed Mesón Hidalgo, was founded in 2019 as an intimate collaboration between four women-led brands rooted in México—a designer, a silversmith, a clothier, and a perfumer. Blurring the lines between environment and experience, style and lifestyle, history and present, México’s first guesthouse-boutique offers three one-of-a-kind, private guestrooms (designed by Laura), four luxury shops, and endlessly curated experiences hosted by artists and inspired by the spirit of San Miguel de Allende. From the artisan soap in the bath to the art on the walls, nearly every unforgettable detail of our home is designed to become part of yours.

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Now you’re singin my song Kim – Door is always
open when you want to come down!

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